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What is an Interest Rate Buydown?


Should I Buydown My Interest Rate?

Interest rates are low, so what is the benefit of buying down my interest rate? A buy down is beneficial because when you buydown an interest rate, you are paying a one-time fee to lower your interest rate for the life of your fixed-rate loan. This can also help lower your monthly payment for the rest of your loan.

What Is A Buydown?

A buydown is paying discount points at closing to lower your interest rate. What are discount points? Discount points are also known as prepaid interest points, or mortgage points. They are a one-time fee that you pay to lower your interest rate. For fixed-rate loans, this is a permanent lowering of the interest rate.

How Much Does a Buy Down on My Interest Rate Cost?

Each discount point a borrower pays is 1% of the mortgage amount for a roughly 0.25% decrease in the interest rate. “Buying points” does not always mean exactly 1% of the loan amount. A lender can sometimes allow the borrower to pay 0.5% of the loan amount reducing the interest rate by .125%. Each lender sets the amount for how much buying discount points reduces the rate.

Should I Buy Points to Lower My Interest Rate?

Whether you should buy points comes down to whether you can afford them and how long it will take to recoup the cost of the points. For example, if you’re lowering your interest rate .5% at a cost of $2,000 in points to save $50/month, it will take 3.3 years to break-even by purchasing the points.

Need Help Deciding Whether to Buydown Your Interest Rate?

Give us a call at Mortgage Craft and we will talk through with you if buying down points is a good fit for you and your budget! Our number is 717-560-0546 and our advice is always free!

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